Intake Spacer Kit Mercedes AMG C63(s) M177 W205/C205/S205 GLC 63(s) AMG C253/X253

Intake Spacer Kit for the 4.0 V8 Biturbo 476 HP / 510 HP is a simple plug & play solution to noticeably increase the immediate engine performance and response behavior without any software adjustment. The efficient design starts exactly where the restrictions of the original intake lie and eliminates them. By modifying the lower air filter box according to the enclosed instructions, the air inlet area is increased from 3,800 mm² to over 10,000 mm². This and the use of sports air filters unleashes the maximum potential. 

The restrictions of the original intake system lie in the cold air supply and the height of the lower air filter box. Due to its low height, the original paper air filter protrudes into the inlet opening and significantly limits the cold air supply. We recommend using sports air filters for maximum performance. An increase in performance of around 20 hp was found in standard engines, and up to over 30 hp in more powerful vehicles. The 100 - 200 km/h acceleration improves by 0.25 seconds compared to using sports air filters without the intake spacers. The intake spacers are made from high-quality PA6-CF (carbon fiber reinforced nylon), which has outstanding thermal and mechanical properties and is therefore ideal for use in the engine compartment. In addition, it is characterized by a unique surface quality due to the high carbon content. The black screws and dowel sleeves ensure an original engine compartment look. The kit includes everything needed to convert the original air filter box: 2 x M177 Intake Spacers, 8 x Extended screws black anodized, 8 x black fitting sleeves, 1 x installation instructions, 1 x Instructions for modifying the air filter box.

200.00 €